In this video, I reveal how to make money online in 2016 and 2017 using a proven affiliate marketing blueprint I’ve used for over a decade now. If you’re serious about starting any kind of online business in 2017, you have to master these fundamental principles to achieve success.

Over the years, I’ve been earning a full time living online from home using a very specific blueprint.

While all the “gurus” out there pitch the latest flashy material and “must have” opportunity, I’ve been focusing on the proven stuff.

Specifically, affiliate marketing.

And if I were to start from scratch in 2017, there is exactly what I’d do:

Step 1) I’d think of all the niches that I have a passion for. Something like a hobby of mine.

Step 2) I’d create a WordPress website around that topic, a YouTube channel, and various social media profiles like Facebook fan pages, twitter accounts etc.

Step 3) I would tie all those accounts together so that my efforts snowball into one another.

Step 4) I would then produce consistent content to launch my new online business. Ideally, during the first 30 days of a new affiliate marketing campaign I’d post 1 blog post and video a day for the first 30 days. Then I’d try to produce at least 2-3 posts/videos a week to continually build my influence in that specific niche.

Step 5) Continually focus on building up and cultivating the goodwill of your audience. Nowadays, those who have an audience that respects them are the ones that command all the attention. Don’t burn your audience – they are your lifeblood. Put your audience as #1 in your business. Without them, you are nothing!

And if you really want to make money online in 2017, especially part time, you have to funnel all your traffic into building up your email list.

Your email list is what gives you real earning potential when you implement it the right way.

Anyway, watch the video to learn how you can potentially get this going for yourself too.

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