Here is where discretion is the better part of marketing. Determining if your email marketing is spam or is a courtesy to the many people that receive the emails. In many cases tasteful email marketing can actually result in greater numbers of people that enroll in your email roster. There are some simple steps that can help ensure that your email does not have the spam feel.

The first measure is whether the individuals have actually signed up to receive email. If you purchased a list then you have tread into the waters from the start. The best thing to do is begin back-paddling immediately. The law system is in love with three strikes, baseball has made it a rule, so why not spam? You should have at the beginning of your email an option for recipients to opt in to your mailing list. Include this at the top of the first three emails that you send out. Only send out an email to everyone on the list that you purchased three times. After those first three commit yourself to only sending email to the individuals that have opted into your mailing list. It is simple enough, and most will thank you for it.

Beyond this you should ensure that at the bottom of your email there is a simple link to opt out of the mailing list. This empowers the recipient with each receipt. It also helps to separate your mail from the throngs of spam that are sent with no intention of stopping.

There are some other practicals as well. Maintain focus in your email marketing. While some of you may market for multiple businesses or products, you should refrain from sending mixed email. The point is to supply the people with what they want. This means tailoring the content of your email to the subjects that your recipients are interested in. The best way to do this is to maintain multiple mailing lists. Simply keep one for each business or product. This does not meant that you can’t supply related information. If you are promoting an adult dating site for instance then you might include a link to a adult toys. This is related. If you are promoting adult toys there is seldom any reason to include a link to horticulture supplies. This is an example of unrelated content.

When you give people what they want they are happy to return- most people do not want spam.

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