Email as a communication medium is getting more and more acceptance especially among the ‘new generation internet savvy youth’ in India. Internet penetration among the students in India in the age group of 13-18, may be as high as 70 %. Though exact statistics are not available, it is estimated that there are 42 Million Plus Active Internet users in India. (as on March 2009). Like the rest of the world, search and email are the first two actions any new comer initiates in the virtual world.

Though Internet as an Marketing medium has much evolved in India, especially through paid search & online Banners and entry of Ad Networks & Digital Agencies, still Email has not much evolved as a marketing tool. Majority of the email marketers who claim to be “serious email spenders” still may not be in a position to answer the simple questions like;

1) How Good is my email list. (list hygiene)

2) Whether the Commercial emails, I send across is getting delivered to the In boxes (Deliverability)

3) Whether I have to pay any attention to the subject line

4) What kind of reports the Marketer should get on his Campaigns

5) Is email marketing all about Direct ROI or is it has an intangible value to the advertiser.

Let me share my experience with a leading Retail chain in India, during one of our marketing discussions. They were running a regular loyalty programme to their entire email database; And regular mailers were targeted to these “opted in ” users on a bi monthly basis. The moment we spoke about list hygiene, the marketing team said they “believe” their database is good. Still there can be 5 % Invalid addresses” .

Finally as we ran the first mail shot to the entire database, to our surprise (client’s too), almost 30 % of the database was invalid email addresses; We initiated the list cleaning activity and even after that the first mail shot resulted only 90 % deliverability. (Kindly note deliverability is not only decided by list hygiene, but many other factors like ISP Relations, the subject line etc.) Before we went live, we have ensured to conduct various spam compliance tests (for subject line, mail body -the content etc, the proportion of text vs image etc.) which is quite crucial in any good email marketing programme. A/B Split tests were initiated with different subject lines and content customization. After 3 months of joint effort, the client is now seeing deliverablity as high as 99 % and could offer customizations in the product offerings based on historic data (real time tracking and analysis of the customer response to various product offerings in the previous mailers). To reiterate some of the benefits of this approach;

1. Better control over your Marketing Email Campaigns & Better ROI

2. More Personalized reach to your customer

3. Better Knowledge of the “desires” & ” likes” of the mail recipients, based on which the marketer can create new clusters and customized offers also.


If you are email marketer always know how good is your list and offer customized offers by analyzing the the offline and online purchase behavior as well as the ‘click through patterns’ across segments. Also any realistic marketer know that all these activities will not happen in a flip of a second; yet needs a patient, systematic and scientific approach. To make it simple email as a marketing tool is extremely measurable.

Jacob M George
Sr. Marketing Analyst
RupeeMail India

Jacob M George, a management graduate with 8 plus years experience in Marketing, Branding and New Product Launches. Worked with various verticals like Health Care, Hospitality & Retail. With a strong passion for online marketing, now I am associated with Aghreni Technologies Pvt Ltd & RupeeMail India, and serves in the position of Sr. Marketing Analyst.

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